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If you have a shop in a two-car garage or smaller area, you've likely learned that open floor space is at a premium, and you'll probably want a storage system that doesn't take up too much space. In my own shop of less than 500 sq. ft., I'm careful to preserve areas where clamped assemblies can be set against a wall to dry and where milled parts can be stored prior to assembly (and where my kids will invariably lean their bicycles for me to fix). In shops of limited size, the best place for storing tools is generally in an area where floor space is already committed. Rather than sitting a toolbox on the floor, then, you can instead choose to hang a tool-storage cabinet on the wall. One exceptionally efficient location for a tool cabinet is over a workbench. Depending on the size box you choose to make, you could keep a wide variety of bench tools there—from a small box containing only a set of carving or mortising chisels to a larger box for storing a full selection of planes, hand saws, chisels and layout tools.

However, hanging a cabinet over a bench can impose some limitations. If you have to lean over the bench to reach the cabinet, for example, the height to which you can reach is less than if the bench were not in your way, so you'll have to adjust the cabinet's height accordingly. In addition, when you lean over a bench you must extend your arms, which throws you off balance and reduces your lifting ability. Because of these limitations, you may not want to keep heavy power tools (such as a circular saw or a plunge router) in this

Since the turn of this century, resident patternmakers of Wing and Sons machine shop in Greenfield. Mass.. have come to this wall-hung toolbox for chisels, measuring instruments and various other tools of their trade. The box is located close to a patternmaker's vise fixed at the end of a massive workbench. Photo by Vincent Laurence.

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