Wheeled Site Boxes

If the weight of the tools you need to carry exceeds 60 lb. to 70 lb., lifting the box becomes a lot less appealing. Here's a solution dating back to antiquity: Build the box on wheels. Big wheels. For unlike their shop-bound cousins, site boxes roll over extension cords, chunks of 2x4s and other construction rubble, all in a day's work. You can plan to carry a wide variety of tools and smaller boxes within (and on) these 'tool barrows," since weight and shape are nowhere near as restrictive as they arc with a hand-carried tote. But you do need to make sure the box will fit in the bed of your truck with other commonly carried tools and that it can pass through standard door openings. And you must, of course, provide some way to get the box off your truck, whether it's an offloading ramp built from two scaffolding boards or a commercially manufactured hydraulic tailgate. Wheeled site boxes arc discussed more fully in Chapter 11.


If your work demands that you regularly haul a wide variety of tools and supplies to the job site, you need the last word in luxury: a vehicle outfitted with well-organized, easily accessed storage units for supplies as well as removable totes that can be carried onto the site as needed. With a truck, van or trailer, no matter where you are or how long you must stay there, nearly everything you need is close at hand.

With such convenience, it's not surprising that there are significant drawbacks. You must accept that the vehicle is committed to your work life-no way will you want to be piling in the cub-scout troup for a camping trip to the beach. And if you must bring stock to your job sites, a fully outfitted vehicle is a poor substitute for a pickup truck with a rack. With such a dedicated rig, you will probably have to own—and pay for and maintain—at least one more vehicle for private use and a truck or a trailer to get materials to the job site. Vehicles as toolboxes are discussed more fully in Chapter 12.

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