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Carlylc Lynch died last December at the age of 80. AW readers will remember him as the man who penned those wonderful furniture drawings that have appealed in our pages. Carlylc loved old furniture, and it showed in his drawings. Those of us lucky enough to have met him in person will never forget the tall, soft-spoken gentleman from Virginia who was always so gracious and generous with his time and his knowledge. He was a craftsman, an artist, a teacher and a friend. We shall miss him.

A few unrelated matters worth mentioning: Many of you have written us asking for an index to back issues of .41V. In this issue vou'll find the index for 1988 and 1989. To make it easier to find what you want, we've also included a "Quick Reference Guide" to projects and articles. We'll update the index at the end of each year and publish a revised index every year in the March/April issue.

You'll find another new section in this issue; our "Catalog Showcase" on pages 72 and 73. Those of you who are new to woodworking may not be familiar with many of the fine mail-order companies that cam hard-to-find tools, hardware and supplies in their catalogs.

Our "Catalog Showcase" will tell you who's selling what so you can send lor the catalogs that interest you.

To kick off the "Showcase" with a bang, we're having a drawing lor an Elu 2'/.»-H.P. variable-speed electronic plunge router (Model 3338) w ith a retail value of $387. Here's how to get in on the draw ing.

Turn to the "Catalog Showcase," and look for the reader sen ice number of the catalogs that interest you. Then, circle those numbers on the "FYI Product Literature Card" that's bound into the magazine. Every reader who mails in the "FYI Product Literature Card" from the March/April issue will be entered in the drawing for the Elu plunge router. Even if you don't want any product literature, send in the card—you'll still be eligible to win. Entries must be postmarked no later than April 30. 1990 to be eligible for the router draw ing. The drawing takes place Ma\ 13. We'll contact the winner bv mail and make an announcement in the Julv/ August 1990 AW. Good luck.

Last of all, I want to remind you that AMERICAS WOODWORKER is a reader-written magazine. We rely on sou, our readers, to share your project and article ideas. Most of the articles you see in the pages of All' are w ritten by readers—woodworkers who are not professional writers. If \ou have an article you'd like to write or a project you'd like to write about, drop us a line. We'll send you our "Guidelines for Authors." w hich explains how we work.

Damp Sloan. Editor

Thl6 Ono

Piokuptne ne* QUICK-GRIP" Bar Clamp Squeeze the pistol grip handle lo tighten clamping pressure One finger on the quick-release Irigger unlocks tte clamp You ve only usea one hand. The revolutionary pistol-gnp mechanism puts con trol of clamping pressure in the (aim ol your hand You can work taster with rrore precision ■ Posits lodc-ng action holds work tight ■ Ouick-release Trigger lets go in a snap ■ High-lech resin construction rs strong yet light Alight ■ lrisiar.:iy adjustable clamping pressure ■ Larr*!. c'abte pads won't mar work ■ Available in five sizes - 6" 150mm 12" 30Cmm. 18* 455mm. 24" 605rrm. 36"'9ttnm.

Ge: your hand on the re* QUICK-GRIP Ba- Clamp wherever quality tools are sold Yes. it looks revolut:ona-y

And this time, looks aren't deceiving


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