Edge Clamp A

Gluing on edge banding can be a tricky task—especially if the edge is curved. Adwood's heavy-duty edge clamp makes edge banding a piece of cake. Its unique design features auto-tightening jaws, which enable you to tighten the clamp with one hand. The cast-iron jaws are protected with soft rubber, so there's no slipping and no marring your work. Good for both straight or concave/ convex curve edge banding. These clamps accommodate panels from J/*-in. to 3'/i-in. thick. (Price: $79.00) ■ Aiiuxxxl Corp., Dept AWT. P.O. Box 1195, High Point, NC 27261, (919-884-1846).


Contour Sanders A

Sanding a piece of furniture can become an exercise in frustration when it comes to getting the hard-to-reach spots. Contour Sander blocks make sanding details a breeze. Simply wrap a piece of sandpaper around the convex/concave edge of the block, and your ready to work. Made of flexible rubber. Contoured Sanders come in two sets. The concave set

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