Miter Alignment: Keying the fence on the outside corners results in alignment at the outside of the joint, and keying on the inside corner aligns the inside of the joint When selecting a joiner, it should easily perform the type of miter joint you use most often.

machines arc also capable of plunging to additional depths: Simplex. Duplex, and S-6 (these are also known by the ttS," UD,~ and "Max" settings, respectively). With these settings, the joiner can be used with specialty accessories like Simplex knock-down plates for non-permanent joint assembly. Duplex hinges for doors (both are available from Tools on Sale 800-328-0457), or the large, S-6 biscuits.

The Porter Cable 557 is the only plate joiner we tested that comes equipped with a second cutter for faceframe sized

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