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Workshop Tips

See-Through Templates

A quick, accurate way to transfer pattern lines from a drawing or magazine page is to usequilters template sheets sold in sewing and quilling shops. The Mylar surface is good for drawing, can be cut with scissors, and is rigid enough to trace around with pen or pencil.


Stuffing Glue in Cracks

On several occasions, I have come across delaminated plywood or fractured lumber that 1 need to glue closed. Getting glue into these tight cracks can be difficult, but I discovered that using an old scroll saw blade works well. I hold the crack open with a screwdriver, and work the blade back and forth. The dulled teeth carry glue into the crack, and the blade is flexible enough to bend through the cut M


Now change bits in seconds with the new PowerCollet "

• Patented locking sleeve holds bit safely and securely.

No more wrenches. 14 ^ ^¡W ^ No more banged \1 IB ^jt'11' ^ knuckles. ™ ^^

• Saves time, \ J especially when jobs require frequent bit changes.

• Jacobs drill chucks are the choice of major drill manufacturers like DewaltBlack & Decker*', Milwaukee*, Porter CableSkit" and Makita'.

■ Solutions nut Make Tools Work Belter.m

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Fits many of todays most popular routers.

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Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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