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DRAW a pair of lines lengthwise on opposite sides of the spindle.You can use the centering lines on the end of the blank to determine start points or use the index on the lathe's headstock.
PENCIL two sets of rings around the cylinder.The first set marks the pitch segments and the second set divides each pitch segment in half.The resulting grid makes drawing the spiral line easy.
USE a flexible straightedge or piece of cardboard to draw diagonals through one set of the "boxes" created by the layout lines.Continue this line down the entire spiral sections length to complete the spiral. Make sure the line is accurate.


The relief cut gives clearance for the tools used during the shaping process and is modified later when the stem turning is completed.The completed stem ends in a 3/4-in. long tenon which is glued into a 3/4-in. dia. hole drilled in the base.

Lay Out the Spiral

Draw two straight lines opposite one another down the length of the spiral section, 180 degrees apart. The tool rest makes a handy straightedge (Photo 1).

The pitch of the spiral is set by dividing the cylinder into equal segments. An easy way to do this is to use the diameter of the cylinder as the segment length. This is a 1:1 ratio of pitch: One complete twist travels a distance in length equal to the diameter of the cylinder.

Six 1-1/4-in. segments fit into the 8-in. section of this candlestick with a little room to spare. That's OK. The dimension of the spiral section is arbitrary—just a guide for overall proportion. Mark the positions of ihe pitch segments centered in the spiral section. Draw one set of rings around the cylinder at these marks and another set of rings that divides each of these segments in half (Photo 2). Each set of rectangular "boxes" resulting from the intersection of these rings with the two lengthwise layout lines will contain one complete twist of the spiral.

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25" Wide Belt Sanders enter a new phase.

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