Hardwoods Cut To Order

120 species from 1/4" to 4". burls, wood ID kits, veneers, woodworker's supplies. Colonial Hardwoods. Springfield. VA (800) 466-5451.

SAWMILL DIRECT Cocobolo Sale. 12 inch long lumber S10 bd/ft. 250 bd/ft. F.E.Q. RWl. $7.50 bd/ft. Select Ebony Billets $3/lb. (Quality at a lair price. SAS.L Tropical F.xoiic Flardwoods. P.O. Box 1806, Carlsbad. CA 92018. Toll-Frce orders only (888) 434-3031. Questions (760) 434-3030. sswv.anexotichardwood.com Mitch Talcove

CALIFORNIA'S FINEST QUALITY BURLWOODS. 30.000 piece*: Redwood. Maple, Buckeye. Manzanita, Madrone, Myrtlewood. Walnut, etc. Any sizc/usc/guarantced/direct. Established 27 years. Burl Tree. (800) 785-BURL.

FANTASTIC INVENTORY Log», lumber, turning blanks, instrument woods. Catalog S2.00. Gilmer Wood Company, 2211 NW St. Helens Road. Portland. OR 97210. (503) 274-1271.

OLD GROWTH QUARTERSAWN WHITE & RED OAK. Wide Quarter-sawn & curly Sycamore. Precision sawn lumber and book-matched flitches. Talarico Hardwoods. RI) #3. Box 3268. Mohnton. PA 19540 (610) 775-0400. VISA/MC

QUARTERSAWN AMERICAN SYCAMORE. Precision sawn, highly figured, book-matched Hitches, including curly quartered fiitches. 4/4-16/4. Talarico Hardwoods. RD *3. Box 3268. Mohnton. PA 19540. (610) 775-0400.

A Course In Wood Turning

A Course In Wood Turning

Ever wondered what wood turning is all about? Here are some invaluable information on how to make beautiful items out of wood! That one little strategy from A Course In Wood Turning that I implemented not only worked, but the results were completely astonishing. I had never seen anything like it! Now, keep in mind that I had tried a lot of other products up until this point. You name it, I probably tried it! That’s how desperate I was to improve my skills with wood turning.

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