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Pennsylvania Cherry

Plain & Figured Cherry from 4/4 to 16/4 Also: Premium Walnut, figured Maples & a large variety of exceptionally fine domestic imported lumber including free form slabs, turning blanks, burls. & Instrument grade lumber. 2(X) Whiteside Drive, Oxford. PA 19363 Toll Free 888-814-0007 Fax 610-932-3130

National & International Shipping m B

Right!? Who would believe a job as tedious and dusty as sanding could be a joy?

Thousands of Performax owners do. With their Performax* drum sander... no more sawdust in their faces, no more high and low spots on their finished pieces.

Imagine the satisfaction of sanding a wide surface (up to 32") to within .010" uniform thickness across its full width. Or sanding stock as short as 2 1/4" without a carrier board or scuffed up fingers. Fantasize sanding to as smooth a surface as you wish without any elbow grease.

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12257 Nicollet Ave. So. Bumsville. MN 55337

1-800-334-4910 Fax (612) 895-5485

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