American Woodworker JUNE ¡999

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It's simple, nexpensive, and easy with professional production QuaJity MLCS carbde tipped door 9ets? Our reversible combnaton bit makes a matching rail and stte frame. The panel raising b.1 with ball bearing gude makes a perfect raised panel every time! Includes Instructions and Professional Tips!

♦Raised Panel Router Bit


Raised Panel Door Instructional Video

#1438 Sp&oal Sate Price

♦Reversible Combination Rail & Stile Bit

Works with stock iron 11/16* to 7/8'

1/4" Shank Carbide Tipped Router Bits

Professional Production Quality Guaranteed!

The Award t


• Adjustable, urrform damping pressure on ai corners • Great for wide cabinet frames (for center or edges)

• Forces a frame nto perfect square

• Almost NO capacity imitation, ships with 23 ft. reel of steel banding!

• Afcjmhum & Steel construction ITEM #1420 _ .

□ogee raised panel a 1423 2' La-ge DiaTtfiec $29.95 ;

□tongue and groove

#1333 SwigK $29.00

□lock mitre bit


□rabbeting kit

4 oopn Of ctfs* 7/ter. 5/16'. 1/4'. Set: 1/4' sftark ratbeirvj to. 4 fcxinrgs {3/8'. 1/2*. 5/8'. 3<'4-}&r>exkcy. »1425 1-1/4" uvge Dimeter..$25.00

□brass piloted

Rem Iffio t>ght spaces arxj snarp comers TT^se Wis have Brass Rtots. measure 5/32* in ola.. instead of usa* 1/2* UKrng

#1428 1/8' RRoljixI Over $16.00

qsolid carbide upcut and downcut set

2 ftjte flat bottom cutters Upcut sc*Bl «*»! for irxxtee and tenon jcir*s Dcaoo/ wi cJurgo cut and pfcne octy?s #1437 1/4* (fe.. d'4* cutting loncjth Sp<xx* S<H Pt*x> $19.95


Editors Choice

The Can-Do Clamp

• Join picture and cabinet frames

Sturdy alumrum damp is great for framing, driling. dcweJing, and mere.

• Hc^ clarpng pressure

16 Piece Forstner Bit Set

High Quality Steel - ground for heavy use This set comes with the fotowng sizes: 1/4", 3/8', 1/2*. 5/8", 3/4', 7/8\ r. 1-1/B*. 1-1/4', 1-3/8\ 1-1/2' 1-5/8", 1-3/4', 1-7/8", 2". 2-1/8".

ITEM #1418 REG. $141.20 Sale S439

Round Over/Beading Bit Set

Tippea. 4 Rourxj - flMp

0us 3/8'OD beanng

S72 indiv<juaif/ Sale *39

Biscuit Joining Set a^-skji ^^^

Shank and ^^HM IH

Instruct on ^Ejf rcluded.

Solid Brass Router Inlay Kit

Makes pe/fecf fifting recesses aoof ¿nfays.'

Easy to use May kit fo'lews a 1/4" thek pattern template of almost any shape to procK>ce the recess. Rs Pcner Cable, Back & Decker or any router wth an adaptor for Porter CaWe bushings. Kit hcAxles 1/8' sold cackle downcut spral bit, brass boshing, brass template gude, brass retainer nut & instructions.

ITEM #1385

REG $35.00

Shipping is FREE!


Oder By Credit Card or Send Check To: MLCS, P.O. Box 4053 AV, Rydal, PA 19046

Callus CD EX fervor MILL

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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