Grizzly Glue

Ready-to-use paintable, sandablc one-part Polyurethane glue for wood. foam, concrete. marWe, and most rigid surfaces.

For tbe nearest dealer, call 1-800-333-5514

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Operate 3-phase shop motors from single-phase power


Rotary Phase Converter »vii pfovjdo 3-pteso power from s»nc/e-phase scurccs to operate sngte or mulbple motor asplcar-orcs found in wooctoorting shops Ph. 1 800 221

The Ronk Phasc-Shitler is a medium-duty stabc-type converter tor sr.op app»cations such as drill prose*, mills, saws. ctc . wihero continuous full toad use is not required, but »0w initial oost is important RONK. Ext. 207


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Build three fixtures that will give you more control and protect your fingers.

SCARY. That's what most woodworkers think about raising panels with a router. The idea of that big hunk of sharpened steel spinning around near your fingers is frightening Bui what are the options?

Raising panels by hand is time consuming and raising theni on the tablesaw is just as scary.

Give your router a chance. I ll show you three different fixtures designed to tame those scary bus. When properly set up and used, they will make panel raising with your router safe and easy Instead of feeling scared, you'll feel confident.

Those Big Bits

There are two types of panel-raising router bits (p. 40). Either the panel is laid flat on the work surface and led past a horizontally oriented bit. or the panel is tipped on its edge and fed past a vertically oriented bit Each type has advantages.

Because they are fitted with a bearing, horizontal hits can raise panels with either straight or curved edges. If you want

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