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Wide Belt Performance ...At About 1/3 The Cost!

5-Year Warranty




Cabinet shop owners across the U.S. call Woodmaster's 26" and 38" drum sanders "the best kept secret in woodworking." These commercial-duty sanders fill the niche between slow hand methods and expensive wide belt sanders. And there's no sacrifice in quality. But don't take our word for it . . . call today for free information and the names of Woodmaster owners nearest you. This way, you can find out first-hand how a Woodmaster sander might be just the machine you've been looking for.

1-800-821-6651 ext. DB23

Woodmaster Tools, Inc. 1431 N. Topping Ave.Dept. 23 Kansas City, Missouri 64120

Even if your table saw came over on the Mayflower or was wounded in the great war. Biesemeyer accessories will make it a more efficient, safer and more productive tool for your woodworking shop. Woodworkers everywhere have made Biesemeyer fences, guards, and tables the standard of excellence for the woodworking industry for decades.

No matter what brand name is on your saw. addition of a Biesemeyer fence will improve its operation and accuracy. We are so confident of the superiority of our fences that we offer a two week satisfaction guarantee.

Biesemeyer products have a history of making any job faster, safer and more economical. Give us a try.

Contact us or visit our web site for the name oi our distributor nearest you.

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