Masking Tape

Multiple Plugs

Faced with cutting hundreds of plugs for a big project, I came up with this idea: I cut the plugs a little deeper than needed. Then I ran strips of masking tape down the faces of the plugs. When I cut them free on the handsaw they stayed stuck to the tape instead of scattering all over the floor.


Saw Sharpening Jig a

I made this jig to hold a dovetail or other back-saw when filing and resetting the teeth. To use, insert the saw blade, teeth up. and clamp the jig in a bench vice.


Saw Blades to the Cleaners

Gum and pitch soon build up on blades and router bits causing them to overheat, warp and dull. I find soaking cutters in Lestoil, straight from the bottle, to be the safest cleaning method. The lid from a 5-gallon drywall bucket makes a handy soaking container.


Auxiliary Drill Press Table t

Most dnll presses come with small, cast iron tables with stiffening nbs underneath that make it awkward to clamp a workpiece. I designed this auxiliary table to accept a fence and installed tee-nuts in the underside of the plywood so I could grip the work securely with a hold-down clamp (available from Tools on Sale 800-328-0457). This Craftsman fence comes with holes that make adding or removing a wooden face easy. You can order the fence by calling Sears at (800) 377-74 H and asking for part No. 23402.


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