Mediumfast And Moderately Hazardous Strippers

SOLVENT MIXTURES may contain small amounts of methylene chloride mixed with other solvents, or new non-flammable stripping agents like n-methyl-2-pyrroJidone and gamma butyrolactone.You still must wear gloves and goggles, and most require ventilation. These strippen work from the top down (see Photo I). For many folks they represent a happy medium, being relatively safe yet relatively fast

CAUSTIC STRIPPERS are strong alkalines like lye. Although water-based and non-flammable, they can seriously burn your skin and eyes, so wear goggles and gloves, and be careful not to splash. Because caustic strippers are water-based, they raise the wood grain and can loosen joints and veneer. They also may darken the wood, so they're often used when the wood will be repainted. Unlike other strippers, you cant leave them on longer than necessary, or the wood itself may get damaged.

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