Metal candle cup: Craft Supplies U.SA. 1287 E. 1120 S.. Provo. Utah 84606; (800) 551-8876;

BORE the candle cup on the drill press to a I-in. depth using a 7/8-in. Forstncr bit aligned on the lathe's center mark. If you plan to use a metal candle cup (see Sources), drill to fit.

The base is a faceplate or screw-chuck turning, designed so it doesn't compete with the spiral stem (Photo II and Tig. A). Make it of 1-1/4-in. thick stock, 4-1/2-m. diameter, so it's large enough to keep the candlestick from tipping. Cut the blank round before mounting it on the lathe.

I like walnut with a deep, antique color, so 1 used several coats of Watco natural oil as a finish. It also keeps candle wax from sticking to the candlestick. After finishing, glue the tenon into the 3/4-in. hole in the base, and glue a piece of felt to the bottom.

TURN the base on a faceplate or screw chuck. Drill the hole for the tenon on the drill press after you're done turning.

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