Drawing Curves

Use a baiien (a ihin strip of wood) lo draw a smooth curve by bending it with a piece of string—like a bow. Tie a knot in one end of the string and lock the other end in a v-notch.

Sharp Pencils

Stick a pjccc of sell adhesive zlQtgrit sandpaper to your bench, dfl When using a pencil for la\-out, frequently roll the lead across the paper to keep it nc^ die sharp.

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3-4-5 Square

If you want to check something for square, try using the carpenter's 3-4-5 Method. If one leg of a triangle measures 3 in., and the second measures 4 in., the hypotenuse must be 5 in. if the corner is square.This also works with 6,8,10; 12,16.20; and so on. Any units of measurement will do, as long as you use multiples of 3-4-5.

Divide the Circumference

To divide the circumference of a round spindle, wrap masking tape around it so it overlaps itself, and make two aligned marks, one on each part of the overlap. Remove the tape, measure between the marks, and divide as needed Reapply the tape to transfer the layout to the cylinder.

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