2-plece RaN ft BtBe Cutter Bete

1/2" Shank Set

WL-1380 Ogee Profile »SB. WL-1381 Roundover »SB. WL-1382 Cove & Bead «59.

1-piece RaN A BtBe Cutter Sets

Jus» raise the cutter to make tue matching cut No changing or reversing 1/2" Shank

WL-1365 Ogee Profile WL-1366 Roundover '49. WL-1367 Cove & Bead »4B. WL-1368 Wedge »49.

WL-1374 Dbl Roundover »49.

WL-1540 1/4"

WL-1542 1/2"

WL-1544 1*

mt-1500 WL-1501 WL-1S02 WL-1S03 BHAPCR CUTTW9 W 90« 1-pteceftaN* BtBe

Jual ralee Bw cuner to make tw moctv ing cui No changing or reversng W.-1500 Roman Ogee »89. W.-1501 Roundover »89. WL-1502 Cove & Bead '89. WL-1503 DW Roundover '89. WL-1600 WL-1601 WL-1602 WL-1603 WL-1604 WL-1605

Panel Raisers (Shaper Cutter) 3.4* Bore

WL-1602 18° Traditional »59.

WL-1603 Convex (Cove) »59. WL-1604 12* Faoecut with Quarter Round »59.

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