Builtin CD Cabinet

Stow Up to 40 CDs Behind Gorgeous Veneered Doors by Ellis Walentine

The compact-disc revolution, like most sweeping technological changes, took me by surprise. I grudgingly accepted the fact that my old, vinyl records were passe, but I still had a problem: My entertainment cabinet was already jam-packed with records, tapes and gear. Where would I store all the new CDs I'd be buying?

I didn't want the clutter of a freestanding CD cabinet, so I designed one that I could tuck away in a nearby book case with doors to hide the CD boxes from view until needed. (See photos above.) And though this unit holds only 40 CDs. I can make additional cabinets as my collection grows.

I tend to be a cheapskate when designing for myself, which is another reason I decided to build the CD cabinet into a bookcase—only the doors and the edging above and below them would be visible. That meant I could make the hidden parts of the box from scrap wood, and skip the showy joinery. For a freestanding cabinet, I'd have used one wood throughout, and I'd probably have dovetailed the corners. I also saved plenty of labor by installing ready-made plastic CD racks (available from Woodworker's Supply, 5604 Alameda Place NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113, 800-645-9292) instead of building a system of dividers.

Simple as this cabinet is to make with a tablcsaw, router and biscuit joiner, it

has a couple nifty features: The book-matched, veneered doors arc the most obvious, but look closer and you'll find shop-made wooden knife hinges and friction catches—two ideas you might want to use on other projects. (Sec sidebars, pages 80 and 81.)

Making the Box

The basic box, made of white oak, is a simple cxcrcisc in biscuit joinery. The plywood back keeps the carcase square. (See drawing above.) Most of die work went into the doors, which arc mounted between walnut edgings glued to the top and bottom of the box. I machined the hinges and catchcs into the edgings before I glued the edging onto the box.

C For the doors, I chose a dramatic walnut burl veneer (available from

Certainly Wood, 1 1753 Big 'Free Road.

I Rt. 20A, East Aurora, NY 14052, 716-655-0206). I made sure to specify sequential sheets of veneer so the book-

Got a match? Find your best bookmatch with a mat-board mask taf>ed to a scrap of mirror.

DOOR BLANK 9/lb'XfcX 12 • depends on veneer

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