Cupboard Construction

This cupboard design is based loosely on cupboards built in the mid-Atlantic region from 1800 to 1840. I built the entire project from pine, which takes a great finish.

I joined the face frame and door frame with mortise and tenon joints, but you could join the face frame with biscuits. All other joints are simply glued and nailed. If you don't have a Stanley #45 plane for cutting the beading details, you can use a router. I made up the cap and back pieces of the built-up cornice molding, but purchased the bed molding and waist molding from the lumberyard.

It's easier to paint the cupboard's interior and back pieces before installing the back.

For details on how I painted the mahogany and curly maple wood grains, see the sidebar, page 43. —C.B.

Cupboard Construction


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