Replacement levers, knobs and handwheels are available from:

Reid Tool Supply Co.

2265 Black Creek Rd.

Muskegon, Ml 49444 (616) 777-3951 Circle #631

Replacement bearings for out-of-production lathes, and Multifil 426 Bearing Tape, are available from:

Bearings, Inc.

3600 Euclid Ave.

Cleveland. OH 44115 (216)881-2838 Circle #632

stock base can solve the problem, but this is pretty drastic.

Next, check the condition of the tail-stock taper. If possible, remove the quill completely and check it for signs of wear. Then replace it and check the quill lock. The quill lock should prevent all movement of the quill when locked down. If it doesn't, the quill may "back off during turning, allowing a turning to fly off the lathe and hit you. Some quill locks can be adjusted, bur more often this is a sign of excessive wear, and cither quill or tailstock (or both) will need replacement or machining. Either proposition is expensive.

Other Things to Check Out

Finally, check all locks, handles, nuts, and any visible parts of the lathe for signs of wear and abuse. Replace all worn and broken items. Check the tool rest for wear and damage. File out minor nicks in the rest with a mill bastard file.

Once you get your lathe in good condition, it will remain that way with a minimum of maintenance (sec sidebar), and will provide you with years of service. A sweet-running lathe is well worth the time invested. A


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