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Hot New Tools From Two Big Shows

In August, AW editors spent days walking miles of aisles at this country's two biggest tool shows—the National Hardware Show in Chicago and the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta—in search of new tools and products. Here's what we liked best. Note: Prices shown are list, no street prices were available as this issue went to press.

A Jig For All Reasons

The Shop Fox right angle jig combines the capabilities of several joint-cutting jigs into one. With a bar that tracks in the miter slot of a tablesaw, shapcr, or router table, the jig is designed to hold stock for cutting tenons, grooves, dadoes, finger joints, dovetails and even coped rail ends quickly and accurately. The jig comes with one toggle clamp; you can also use locking-plier clamps arc the most harmful to your health. This efficiency comes from a dual-filter system consisting of a replaceable filter bag to capture the bulk of the dust, plus a pleated cassette filter for the tiny (0.2 to 2 micron) particles. Another convenience is the switch—it turns on automatically when you turn on a power tool. When you stop the tool, the vac turns off after a 15-sccond delay to flush dust from the 13-ft. hose. The #7810 has a dry capacity of 5 gallons, a 25 ft. cord and a foot-actuated brake to lock its wheels. (Price: $448) Porter-Cable Corp., Dept. AWT., P.O. Box 2468, Jackson, TN 38302, (901) 668-8600. Circle #615

"See" Saw Porter Cable has introduced a heavy-duty 7V4-in. circular saw which features the blade on the left side of the motor where it's much easier to see the line of cut. The

#743 "Frame Saw" is really a mirror image of Porter Cable's popular #347 saw. It packs 15 amps of power and has a base and gear chamber made of magnesium for light weight (10l/4 lbs.), and strength (the manufacturer claims it won't break in a six foot fall). A spindle lock, onboard wrench storage, dust collection port and positive stops at 45° and 90° on the bevel adjustment arc standard. An optional electric brake and steel carrying case are available. (Price: $225) Porter-Cable Corp., Dept. AWT.. P.O. Box 2468, Jackson. TN 38302, (901) 668-8600.

High-Tech Spray gun

If you've avoided buying an HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) spray gun until manufacturers work all the kinks out of this new technology, it's time to check out Mattson's Atom-miser IQ Spray System that rivals the best high-pressure guns and adds some uscr-f r i c n d I y innovations. This gun includes ^^^^^^^

three tip sizes, fluid adjustment and a separate control to pressurize the cup. A large dial lets you choose among four spray patterns by adjusting both the air and fluid simultaneously from a small, fine pattern to a large full one. Turn the dial one more stop and the entire cup assembly (including the fluid tip) separates from the gun handle. The IQ "B" system (shown in photo), includes an extra cup assembly so you can change colors or coatings instantly without having to stop to clean the gun. There's one catch—like most HVLP "conversion guns," the Atom-miser requires a hefty and bar clamps to position stock at various angles for different cuts. The Shop Fox's aluminum body is sturdily built for accuracy, but it's light enough to maneuver easily when you're making a cut. (Price: $150) Available in early J995 in woodworking stores and mail order catalogs.

A Clean Sweep

Dust collection is a big concern in today's woodshops and Porter Cable's new Power-Tool-Triggered Wet/Dry Vacuum (model #7810) provides features that make it a standout in performance. With its 9-amp motor, the unit generates suction typical industrial utility vacuums. Yet unlike many shop vacuums, it runs quietly, and it's very efficient at trapping the smallest dust particles that research has shown compressor (at least 5hp) to deliver the 18 CFM at 80 psi air supply it needs to operate. (Price: $590 for IQ MB" System.) Mattson Spray Equipment, Inc., Dept. AWT. 230 W. Coleman St., Rice Lake, Wl 54868, (715) 234-1617. Cirde #617

More Than a jig Saw includes 5 chisel bits in various profiles from 3mm to 6mm wide. The bit cuts with a vibrating chisel action that's pressure activated—it won't begin cutting until you push it into solid wood (saving your fingers from unintentional carving). The 2 lb. tool features two speeds—high speed for quick roughing work, and low speed for carving finer details. (Price: $70) Ryobi America Corp., Dept. AWT. 1501 Pearman Dairy RD., Anderson, SC 29625, (800) 525-2579. Circlc #618

other Panasonic T-handle drills. But up front, Panasonic has placed a revolving mechanism that offsets the /4-in. quick-connect hex socket for mounting hex-shank drills or driver bits. The offset lets you drill as close as 7l6-in. from a wall or panel, and you can rotate the offset to 8 different positions. The Corner Master has reversible variable speed, an electric brake, and includes a 15 minute battery rechargcr. (Price: $370) Panasonic, Dept. AWT, One Panasonic Way 4A-3, Secaucus, NJ 07094, (201)-392-6655. Circlc #620

Double-Duty Clamp

Until now you needed two separate tools to clamp stock together or to spread parts apart for disassembly, but Jorgcnscn's E-Z Hold II Bar Clamp quickly converts from a clamp to a spreader. For either task, you slide the

clamping heads against the work, then squeeze the in-line handle to apply clamping pressure. The E-Z Hold has soft plastic pads to protcct the work and they come in 4 lengths from 10-in. to 28-in. (Price: $15 to $21 depending on size.) Adjustable Clamp Co., Dept. AWT, 417 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60622, (312) 666-0640. Circle #621

Iron Art

If you've been looking for tasteful hardware to put the finishing touchcs on your best cabinct and furniture pieces, you should know about Iron Art. The company imports hand-forged hardware from Chile and then applies custom finishes. The line includes knobs, pulls, hinges, knockers and latch sets. In

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