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To make glue size, mix one part prepared hide glue with five parts water, or mix 1 ounce of dry hide glue granules to 1 pint of warm water. Heat the mixture in a double boiler or glue pot until the glue dissolves completely, then apply the size while it's warm. Brush a thin, even coat onto the wood and let it dry completely before staining. Unlike white or yellow glues which tend to repel stains, hide glue provides an even base for pigments and allows water-soluble dyes to "bite" into the wood. Mix only as much as you need, since hide glue doesn't keep well once mixed with water. If you need to store a batch for several days, add a few drops of iodine as a preservative.

The glue size will raise the grain of the wood, leaving the surface rough and furry. Scuff it lightly with 220-grit sandpaper before you stain. In addition to evening up the stain, the glue size will help seal the wood, and it may even save you one coat of finish. A


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