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Imagine a cross between a reciprocating saw and a portable jig saw, and you'll get an idea of the versatility of Bosch's new Model B4050 Sabre-Plus in-line jigsaw. This barrel-grip tool not only lets you make most of the cuts you'd ordinarily make with a jigsaw, but you can also mount a rasp for shaping wood, a wire brush for removing rust, or a bristle brush for cleaning tasks in right spaces. For fast blade changing, the Sabre-Plus accepts Bosch-type "Clic" jigsaw blades and accessories. The 3.6 amp motor will power through 2^-in.-thick wood or -in.-diick steel. Like other top-of-thc-linc jigsaws, it features three-position orbital action for faster cuts. (Pricc: $199) SB. Rower Tool Co., Dept. AWT., 4300 W. Peterson Ave., Chicago, IL 60646, (312) 286-7330. Circle #616


Carving by hand can be very rewarding, but it can also be tiring when done for prolonged periods. Ryobi's new DC500 Detail Carver gives you the control and finesse of hand carving with the speed and cndurancc of a power tool, with surprisingly little vibration—and it costs much less than other power carvers. It

Cordless Trim Saw

Though it won't rcplacc our tablcsaw, we'll often reach for DcWalt's new cordless trim saw to make fast cuts in moulding, plywood and other light trim materials. Available as model DW 935K with a 14.4 volt battery, or DW 930K with a 12 volt battery, the saw's -in. dia. thin-kerf carbide blade has the capacity and power to cut "2 by" dimension lumber in one pass. The blade is mounted on the left side for better visibility, and can make bevel cuts up to 50°. DeWalt

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Wood Working 101

Wood Working 101

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