vo plywood in a minute, or make 75 cross cuts in a 2x4 on one charge. Power comes from DeWalt's new XR PACK Extcndcd-Run-Timc batteries, which arc compatible with other new DeWalt cordless tools. Both cordless saws comc with a one-hour charger. (Price: DW935K, $444) DeWalt Industrial Tool Co., Dept. AWT, 701 £. Joppa Rd., Towson, MD 21286, (800) 433-9258. Circle #619

Close-Quarter Drill/Driver

With their new "Corner Master" (model EY ^Rnmw cordless drill, Panasonic has solved the age-old problem of how to drill a straight hole or drive a screw in a tight corner such as inside a cabinet. From its 22-stage clutch ring back to the handle, the drill is configured like design and finish, these items arc reminiscent of antique European hardware. They'd go nicely with many traditional furniture projects. Custom color finishes include natural iron, rust, verdigris, antique copper, and hlack. Iron Art also carries a complete line of iron hardware for architectural entry and passage doors. (Prices range from $12 for a simple knob to $30 for an elaborate pull.) Iron Art. inc.. Dept. AWT, The Showplace Design Center, P.O. Box 471258. San Francisco, CA 94147. (415) 441-4633. Circle #622

Two Aftermarket Miter Gauges

The AnglcWright Precision Miter Gauge (below) lets you quickly lock-in the three most common angles used on your tablcsaw: 90,° 45° left, and 45 ° right. To changc angles, you unscrew the brass lock knob and swivel the aluminum head on the ground steel miter bar. You don't have to fine-tune the adjustment, since ^^ steel ^^H

dowel pins scat precisely in bronze bushings to guarantee accuracy within '/IS0. To get a pcrfcct fit in your miter slot, the Precision Miter Gauge has three Teflon dowels in the miter bar that you adjust with an Allen wrench to take up any clearance. Two holes in the gauge's head let you add an extension, or for odd angles, you can bolt on AnglcWright's Adjustable Triangle. (See Toolbox, AW #25.) (Price: $79) AngleWright Tool Co.. Dept. AWT. P.O. Box 25632, Los Angeles. CA 90025. (310) 471-7432. Circle #624

Micro-Miter (above right) has a heavy-duty, and finely-machined construction that makes it the most solid, rigid miter gauge we've ever seen—it weighs 7 lbs., and its aluminum protractor and fcncc are 1-in.-thick. Yet you

'"ll'mlii Mlinilimloia.'

can set miter angles to the nearest Vl0° using the gauge's protractor scalc in conjunction with an casy-to-rcad vernier scale engraved in a solid block of brass attached to the miter bar. Allen scrcws in the miter bar let you take up any clcarancc to get a pcrfcct sliding fit in your miter gauge slot. A hard, black aluminum oxide coating protects the tool from scratches and wear. From its machined brass lock-knob to the perfectly true miter bar, the Micro-Miter will delight your eye and cnhancc the accuracy of your work. (Price: $225) MicroMiter, Inc., Dept. AWT. 7314 Cortez I.ane, Boulder, CO 80303. (303) 494-2884. Circle #625

For Oil Finish Lovers

Amity Aqua-Oil is a new water-based wipe-on finish that's casy-to-apply like conventional oil finishes such as tung oil based products. But sincc it contains no petroleum solvents as ordinary oil finishes do, it meets all environmental standards, lias no objectionable odor, and is nonflammable. Aqua Oil lets you work faster too—you wipe it, dip it or brush it on, wipe off the excess with a clean cloth, and it's ready for recoating in 30 minutes. The finish comes in 4 colors (clear, natural, red oak, and walnut). You can also use universal tinting colors to create a custom color of your choice. Aqua-Oil finish dries with good clarity and depth, but it's not intended for surtaccs subjected to a lot of wear— for a more durable finish, Aqua-Oil can be topcoatcd with most water-based dear finishes. (Price: $7.95/pt., $ 12.95/qt., $29.95/gal.) Amity Industrial Water-Based Finishes. Inc., Dept. AWT, 113 S. Monroe St., Waterloo. Wl 53594, (414) 478-9633. Circle #623

Let It Slide

With Delta's new Sliding Table Attachment (Model 34-555) you can crosscut stock up to 36-in.-wide. The

attachment's steel support structure bolts to ft the side of Delta M Unisaws, Tilting Arbor

Saws, Contractor Saws and HD Wood Shapers. (It can mount to some other brands with modifications.) Its laminated table gets a smooth ride from seven sealed ball bearings that are easily aligned. The 42-in.-long aluminum fence swivels up to 45° for mitering, and it includes an adjustable stock stop for making repeat cut-offs and an optional stock clamp. (Price: $459) Delta International Machinery Corp., Dept. AWT. 246 Alpha Dr.. Pittsburgh. PA 15238. (800) 438-2486.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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