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Furniture Craft Plans

Furniture Craft Plans

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Tenants Harbor, ME

A professional woodworker for 30 years, John specializes In custom, commissioned work for private clients. He teaches woodworking at Peter Korn's Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockland, ME.

"I have always worked toward having a personal and individual contemporary architectural style in my furniture designs. I have never been interested in rehashing the past by reinterpreting bygone furniture styles. I believe my work has been influenced by Scandinavian design and some modern American designers, particularly Walker Weed (another New Hampshire craftsman), whose attitude and approach to woodworking and design really got me going.

"For a furniture design to succeed it is important that all the parts relate to the whole. The piece must have good proportions and pleasing lines that complement each other, and it must function accordingly. To work these things out, I find it very important to draw the details accuratcly on paper. I also take the material into consideration, using construction techniques and joinery that is appropriate. Attention to detail, high standards of overall craftsmanship and a suitable finish all contribute to the successfully designed piece of furniture."

Dining table


The support system for this table consists of four leg assemblies spline-joined to a center frame at 120° angles.



Blanket chest 24 H. x 48Lx 20 D. Cherry, curly maple

To minimize wood movement problems, all the frame pieces are made of quartersawn lumber. The flatsawn end panels are glued and splined to the faceted legs.

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