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make my loose tenons >/4 -in. chick instead in.? AJso, since I'm not at all comfortable or equipped for veneering the top, can I use solid wood?

Please accept my gratitude for any suggestions offered. I would hate to have this table push itself apart because I made one of those lcarn-the-hard-way mistakes.

Lawrence McLean Huntington Beach, CA

In this case, you have some leeway in designing your loose tenons. 1/4-in.-thick tenons would be practically as strong hut ^AG-in. tenons would be better proportioned. You can still use the recommended 3/8-in. tenons if you simply move the inner tenons /S in. closer to the outer ones, Uav-ing in. of wood between them and a !A-in. shoulder on the inside of the rail. I don V recommend solid wood for the top. but you could use it if you were willing to live with gaps between the top and the rails to allow for the wood movement that is inevitable with solid wood. If you don't feel confident about veneering, you could have a local cabinet shop Lty up the veneer for you, then do the rest of the work yourself —Ellis Walentine

More on Cleaning Bandsaw Blades

In Jim Cummins* answer on cleaning bandsaw blades (AW #39, page 12), he leaves out an important step after drying the blade. Spray the blade with WD-40 or a similar light-bodied rust preventative. Wipe down again, and make a 6-in.-long cut in some scrap wood to remove residue. Without the WD-40 treatment, any trace of water that remains on the blade can cause rust.

Charles Self Bedford, VA

New Name for Knockdowns

Jim Barrett did an excellent job in describing the different possibilities offered by knockdown fasteners. (See AW #40, page 50.) The photography and illustrations are great too. Ease of use has made these fasteners popular among small-scale woodworkers and for the woodworking industry as well. Because industrial users have objected to the term "knockdown," we have changed the name to PAS, which stands for Precision Assembly Systems. The reason for this change is that these fasteners arc now often used to make permanent connections, as an alternative to the more time-consuming operation of gluing and clamping. In other words, knockdown fasteners arc used increasingly to make permanent joints. This explains our name change.

Karl-Heinz Kraft Hafele America Co.

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