Magnetic Jointer Knife Setting Jigs

Our patented knife setting system allows you to set jointer knives in perfect alignment every time!

It also allows you to shift nicked knives to get a perfect cut to an accuracy of ±.001". We offer knife setting jigs and extensions for almost all jointers. W1210 POLYCARBONATE JIG

For 4" - 8" jointers with HSS kmves W1211 STANDARD STEEL PROFESSIONAL JIG

For 4" B" jointers with HSS knives W1212 CARBIDE PROFESSIONAL JIG

For 4" - 8" jointers with carbide or HSS kntves WI213 CARBIDE PROFESSIONAL JIG For 10" - 14" jointers with carbide or HSS knrves

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

This is a great collection of delicious fish and shell fish recipes that you will love.

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