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Drawers and dogs; vise and tape. The drawers and cabinet are accessible from both sides of the bench. Visible in the top, a wedged walnut dowel extends through the plywood and into a hole in the top of the leg. Perry routed a shallow slot in each long walnut edge for an adhesive-backed tape measure. The shop-made bench dog consists of a wedged dowel glued in a hardwood square.

strong. And when the wedges are trimmed flush and sanded, the finished joints give the bcnch a nice look.

After cutting the mortise-and-tenon joints in the long rails and legs, I assembled the base so that I could drill the four bolt holes. Each hole is countcrborcd to a depth of \\ in. and extends about 7 in. into the leg. To make each "D"-shapcd captive nut pocket, I first drilled a 1 '/Z-in.-dia. hole to intersect with the bolt hole. Then I used a chisel, gouge and file to shape the flat side. I later made walnut plugs to fit the bolt counterborc holes and the D-holcs.

The 3A -in. plywood shelf fits flush with the top faces of the long rails. The shelf is supported by ledgers that are screwed to the long rails and by ML"-profilc cleats that are screwed to the lower end rails.

To complete the bcnch, I installed a pair of vises and drilled holes in the top for bcnch dogs. Each vise is inset in the top's walnut edging so that its inner wood liner is flush with the outside edge of the top. (See photo, above.) I made my bench dogs from square hardwood blocks and V4-in.-dia. dowels.

Along each of the top's long walnut edge pieces, I routed a shallow channel to hold an adhcsivc-backcd tape measure (available from The Woodworker's Store, 800-279-4441). To seal and protect the wood, I applied three coats of satin polyurethane, rubbing down the last coat with 000 steel wool. Finally, I screwed a pair of outlet strips to the underside of the top, centering each strip and keeping it about 2 in. back from the outer edge. A

FRANK PERRY and his first and List workbench arc located in northern California.

Drawer has two fronts, full depth of cabinet.

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