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36 W. x 80 H. x 14 D. Mahogany, curly maple, rosewood

This bookcase makes extensive use of wood color and figure. The coved crown molding, arched bracket feet and rosewood cock beading add to the Federal period flavor of this original design.

David apprenticed with a Spanish master furniture maker and attended Boston University's Program in Artisanry before opening his own custom furniture business in 1980. His style shows clearly the influences of classical and Shaker design.

"Many new woodworkers have the Impression that to be a good furniture designer one must always develop fresh and new designs, the likes of which have never been seen before. While I believe that designs should be bold and fresh, I also believe in a continuum and evolution of traditions and classical designs. Our work should be informed by elements of traditional furniture—its proportion, choice of materials, selective use of detailing, light and shadow, contrast, texture, finish and so on. In traditional furniture, things were done a certain way because the established methods had been proven to work, both aesthetically and mechanically. By studying the work of old masters, we can begin to understand and utilize successful traditional elements in our new creations.

"Evefy design is an end product of the designer's accumulated experience. It is imperative to learn the fundamentals of craftsmanship before starting to design. Only then can the designing process become a means of personal expression. Based on my apprenticeship, I feci the best way to gain this experience is to try to duplicate the work of a master —to build a reproduction. This will help you understand what the original maker was thinking and why he or she chose certain solutions, methods and techniques, while at the same time you develop your wood working skills. But, reproduction work is best used as a building block and as a basis for understanding design."

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How To Sell Furniture

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