Sahara Candle

A Unique Way to Hold Candles

By Glenn Hughes hen I'm feeling romantic, I like soft music, some wine, and of course, candlelight. What better way to make the night glow than by lighting a few candles? Candleholders, though, are a nuisance. Half the time they don't fit the candles you just bought, and they don't always catch the dripping wax. This candle box, with its bed of sand, lets you fire up as many kinds of candles as you want, while providing storage for your backup candle supply.

Designing the Box

I like the spotted appearance of leopard wood, so I used this for the "show" faces of my candle box. To avoid detracting from the continuous grain pattern of the sides, I splincd-mitercd the corner joints, leaving the ends of the splines exposed at the top of the box as a simple detail. The small drawer holds about twenty candles, and the box sits on ball feet (available from The Woodworkers' Store, 21801 Industrial Blvd., Rogers, MN 55374, 800-279-4441).

Box Notes

All the information you need to build the candle box is shown in the drawing. All the joinery—miters, grooves, rabbets and finger joints—can be cut on the tablesaw. Here arc some notes on the construction:

Harmonizing the grain—To conserve wood and create a balanced look, I resawed the sides from a thick board. You could also cut your stock from a single long board so the grain will run continuously around the sides of the box. Whatever method you choose, be sure to make your pieces slightly oversize in length and width to allow for the miter cuts and for separating the drawer front from the fixed panel above it. (See drawing.)

Making miters—Precision is the key here. Regardless of how you saw the miters—with a tablesaw or a miter saw—make your miters exactly 45° and make all the pieces precisely the same

Boxes Made Out Lepord Wood

One size fits all. The author's candle box, made from leopard wood, uses sand to hold candles of any size.

Boxes Made Out Lepord Wood

length to ensure tight joints. I make test cuts on scrap first to make sure the saw blade is angled correctly.

Miter the ends of the front blank before you rip the drawer front from the front panel. That way, these parts will line up when the drawer is in place. Then rip the drawer front on the band-saw to keep the kerf as thin as possible, allowing for a close grain match between the drawer and the panel above it.

Sawing spline grooves—I cut the grooves for the splines on the tablesaw by positioning the rip fence to the left of the saw blade, tilting the blade 45° to the right, and pushing the stock with the miter gauge. Cut the spline grooves the entire width of the sides. Later, you can fill the exposed parts of the grooves

Slick storage. Open the drawer to reveal a mitered front and a ready supply of candles.

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