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or by mail from Small Parts, Inc. (13980 NW 58th Ct., Box 4650, Miami Lakes, FL 33014, 305-557-8222.) The width and thickness of the bar should match the width and depth of your miter grooves. Fender washers with a 7/i-in. O.D. will fit in the T-grooves of most American and Taiwanese saws. Have a local machine shop mill two slots across the bottom of the bar, as shown in the drawing. Make the slot depth equal to the height of the T-groove; slot length should be about %-in. longer than the O.D. of the washers. Drill and tap holes for the machine screws, and install the washers. Try the bar in your miter slots. If it binds, shim the height of the washer down until the bar rides smoothly. A little thread-lock-ing compound (available at bearing-sup-ply houses and hardware stores), will prevent the screw from loosening.

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