Terry Moore

Newport, NH

Terry Moore Furniture Maker

Writing desk and chair Desk: 54 W. x 30 H. x 26 D. Chair: 18 W. x 40 H. x 20 D.

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This desk, which won Third Prize in AW's 1992 Excellence in Craftsmanship competition features bookmatched, sawn veneers, maple stringing and fluted "torpedo" legs. The chair seat is a traditionally upholstered frame covered with embossed leather.

Terry is a self-taught furniture maker who specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces. He sells his work through private commissions and in galleries throughout the Northeast.

Cabinet Maker

Cabinet desk

Brazilian rosewood, curly maple

The subdued elegance of Brazilian rose-wood veneer, purchased at a WARP (Woodworkers ' Alliance for Rainforest Protection) sale, contrasts with the highly figured maple interior. Moore installed the butt hinges for the lower doors in line with the rosewood cock beads.


"In these days of conveyor-belt production furniture, with its designs based on what factory machines can do, it is very important that wc, as designers and wood craftsmen, arc able to justify our existence. Our work should be a statement of our commitment to excellence in our craft.

"Well-designed furniture should have a design intent that is consistent throughout the piece. That means all the elements should complement each other and the piece should function as intended.

"Careful attention to detail and craftsmanship are essential—especially the fitting of drawers and finishing on the backs and underside of a piece—showing overall the successful interplay of skilled hands and beautiful materials.

"In my view, we are all inspired by influences in our lives, and everyone is a different and unique individual. We express ourselves in a personal way by what we wear, our hairstyles, the cars wc drive, and how our homes arc decorated. Furniture design is no different; wc absorb different influences and reinterpret or express rhem from our unique perspectives. The desk I design will differ greatly from other designs because of my own personal vision and perspective—my own sense of proportion. my own sense of style. It will be an expression of who I am."

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