Heirloom Square

The latest offering from Bridge City Tool is this Adjustable Try-Square that's factory calibrated to be square plus or minus 0.001-in. over the length of its blade. Should the square bccomc inaccurate due to mishandling, you can recalibrate it to ^^^^^ original specs IfiSM^^ by turning a pair of 'S&W ^^^BS&rfe backing paper and they come in 4l/2, 5, and 6-in. sizes with hole patterns to fit any dust collecting sander pad. (Pricc range: $1.05 g to $2.50 for package of 5 discs.) Klingspor's Sanding Catalog, Dept. AWT, P.O. Box 3737, Hickory, NC 28603, (800) 228-0000. Circle #627

W^^, use an optional ^ ft. | pocket-sized 0 JB remote control, B a feature that ft comes in handy L when planing long stock. • Magnetic holders make blade changes easy and a pair of top rollers helps you return the work to the infeed side of the planer during operation. Availability is planned for early 1995. (Price: Under $3000) Makita USA Inc., Dept. A WT, 14930 Northam St., La Mirada, CA 90638, (714) 522-8088. Circle #628


Klingspor's Foam Hand Sanders are like firm but flexible sponges with sandpaper wrapped around them. They come in six grits (from 60 to 220) and two sizes: a 1by 3 by 4-in. block for sanding flat or gently curved parts, and a '/2 by 4 by 5-in. hand pad for sanding more sharply curved parts like turnings

Aflâmr screws. (No other

Wr square we know of gives you • / this option.) The casy-to-scc graduations are aligned perfectly W with the handle, so you can confidently use the square as a height gauge with the outside graduations and as a hook rule with the inside graduations. The Try-square comes with a 3-in. blade (Model AS-3) or a 14-in. blade (Model AS-14). The 14-in. model has a small stop that slides out of the handle to support the handle on the edge of a board. Each square is made from brass, satin-chromed-steel and Juara wood—a man-made rosewood look-alike. (Pricc: 3-in. square $52, 14-in. square $129) Bridge City Tool Works. Dept. AWT. 1104 NE 28th Ave.. Portland, OR 97232. (800) 253-3332. Circle #626

Instant Architect

The best-pianned projects begin with a good detail drawing, but those of us without the artistic gift can use some help at the drawing stage. With the Free Hand Design System you can quickly create drawings that look like they came off a drafting table using only a sharp pencil (0.5mm lead recommended) or pen. The key is a rotating plastic disk with hundreds of tiny embossed grid lines over which you place a piece of paper. When you draw a freehand line on the paper, the gridlines automatically guide the pencil point in a straight line. Angled lines arc easy to draw by simply rotating the disk, and a degree scale at the disk's rim lets you replicate angles precisely. The Free Hand Design System comes in two sizes to accommodate 11 x 17-in. paper or 81/! x 1 1 -in. paper. (Price: $70 for 11 x 17-in. size. $50 for 8 ta x 11 -in. size.) Signet Marketing. Inc., Dept. AWT, 620 Dick Rd. Suite if 150. Buffalo, NY 14043, (905) 836-0277. Circle #629

or moldings. Unlike similar products, these foam sanders are ovcrcoated with resin to keep the aluminum oxide grit particles in place for longer life. If the abrasive clogs, you can restore it by simply washing the pad. You can also use the pads for wet sanding a finish. (Pricc: $1.49 each or 3 for $2.99) See address and phone number above.

Non-Loading Discs

If your sanding discs load-up long before they're worn out, give Klingspor's new stearated aluminum oxide sanding discs a try for longer sanding life. They're coatcd with a zinc-stcaratc lubricant to resist loading with resin, wood dust, paints or finishes. The discs arc available in PSA or hook-and-loop styles with a medium C-weiehr

Compact Planer/Jointer

This new Planer/Jointer combo from Makita is loaded with features that will make stock preparation a breeze. The model 2030SC weighs only 100 lbs., so it can be moved easily. The jointer handles boards up to 6*/l6 in. wide. Maximum planer capacity is 6^/16 in. by 12'/4 in. The jointer table has a folding extension that brings its total length to 49-in. for accurate cuts. The fence tilts to 45° and the jointer is easily detachable for portability. The planer bed is supported by four posts for greater stability than most portable planers. You can adjust the planer's dcprh-of-cut manually with a large crank handle, or

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