Upholstery Tack

shallow mortise in the stiles and glue them in place. An even stronger method would be to screw small wooden plates over the ends of the strips and into the stiles. For stiles around 6 ft. high, I suggest installing three sets of hinge strips.

To prevent staining the leather, finish the screen first and then install the hinges.

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Drying Wood

©Recently I bought some air-dried walnut that was stored in a barn for 12 years. Is it dry enough for use, and should I expect more wood movement from air-dried walnut than kiln-dried stock?

I'om Stcars Bucklin, KS

OFor furniture making, wood should be dried to a moisture content that places it in equilibrium with the environment in which it will be used. For most areas of the U.S., 6% to 8% moisture content (MC) is ideal.

Your air-dried lumber probably won't be dry enough for indoor use bccausc it is in equilibrium with the outside air. Chances are the wood is at 12% to 16% MC— too "wet" for furniture.

Use a moisture meter to get a reading on the moisture content of your boards. If the MC is too high, you can have the lumber dried at a local sawmill equipped with a kiln. It's also possible to air-dry the wood indoors, providing you have a space that can maintain a relative humidity of around 40% (typical of


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