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A slide rule for ca leu Idling duct sizes for dust collection is available from Air Handling Systems, 5 Lunar Dr., Woodbridge, ( I 06525, (800) 367-3828 for $10. A dry, rust-preventative coating in aerosol form, called Cosmolene Weathershed is available from Houghton Int., Madison and Van Buren Aves., Valley Forge, PA 19482, (610) 666-4000. A pamphlet of savvblade angles tor cutting coves on the tablesaw is available from KlauszTec, Box 78, Pluckemin, N) 07978, (908) 658-4396 for $11.95.

A magazine for wood carvers, called Chip Chats, is available with membership to the National Wood Carvers Association, P.O. Box 4 32 18, Cincinnati, OH 45243, (513) 561-0627.

most homes). Sticker the hoards to allow air to circulate and stack the pile on a flat surface. Use your moisture meter to monitor the MC of your boards. A few weeks is all it should take to get the wood down to 7%.

When it comes to walnut I prefer the air-dried variety for several reasons: It s usually less expensive, and the wood's rich color hasn't been muted due to steaming (a common kiln process used to color the sapwood). In addition, air-dried wood is free of drying stresses such as case-hardening, which can cause wood to warp or split unexpectedly.

About wood movement: Whether kiln-dried or air-dried, all wood moves in response to changes in temperature and humidity. You'll have to design your furniture to accommodate wood movement regardless. (Sec "Wood Movement," AW #34.)

Lonnic Bird Furniture maker and teacher Rio Grande, OH

Clean Spraying

1 spray a lot of finishes on casework, but I don't enjoy spraying inside cabinets because of the cloud of vapors that bounce back into my face. Would a HVLP spray system solve the problem?

Tony Viccaro Gunnison, CO

┬ęThere's no question that a high volume, low pressure (HVLP) unit will reduce the amount of "blow back" you're experiencing. I've had excellent results since I replaced my conventional spray gun with a Binks Mach-1 HVLP guji connected to my lOhp compressor. If you have a small compressor (under 3hp), or no compressor at all, an alternative would be a turbine powered HVLP system, that has its own motor and blower. (For more on HVLP, see AW #28.)

To effectively eliminate blow back, I design my cabinets so the back panels are removable. I spray the insides of the

Dovetail your next drawer - in less than 10 minutes...

including setup!

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