Flattening The Back

s you use a blade, the edge .becomes dull and sometimes chipped. After many sharpenings, the lira—the narrow flat area behind the edge—will be worn awav. When this happens, you must re-create it.

Plane Blades—For plane blades, the flattening process has two steps: tapping out the hollow back of the blade with a hammer or a blade hammering tool and then reflattening the back of the blade on a steel lapping plate called a kartaban. Here's how Japanese craftsmen restore the lira.

Place the blade bevel upon the corner of an anvil or the end of a hardwood block, as shown in the photo and drawing. Strike near the top of the bevel with the corner of a small, 10-oz. to 12-oz. hammer. Make sure that when you strike the bevel with the hammer the point of impact and the anvil corner underneath are all in a line. (See drawing.) Make sure the blade rests solidly upon the anvil. If there is a slight space between the blade and the anvil, it creates a vibration that might crack the blade.

First, tap firmly across the width of the blade near the top of the bevel, as shown in the drawing. Move the blade between taps to reposition the anvil corner underneath the hammer. Do not strike too hard or too close to the hard steel. Many craftsmen, including myself, have made this mistake and ruined a beautiful blade.

After hammering the top of the bevel, strike a second row ol lighter taps across the middle of the bevel. Finally, strike a row of light taps near the edge, as shown in the drawing. Be careful not to hit the hard steel at the edge.

After completing the third row, hold the blade up to reflect some light off the bevel. Your tap-

To re-create the flat spot on the back side of a plane blade, tap across the bevel with the corner of a hammer. The point of impact for each blow must line up with the corner of the block underneath.

Tap third row near edge.

Tap second row on middle of bevel.

Tap across top of bevel first

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