Flush Trim

fot fUft Maring

fot fUft Maring

When ordering any 3 or more, deduct $1.00 each. All prices postage paid, pa r«««jonts 6% for state sa«s ta* FREE CATALOG

To order by MasterCard <x Visa - Toll Free 7 Day 24 Hour Order Service Call 1-800-533-9298 or send check to

The Ultimate Sharpening Machine

Mikiu's 9820 2 Electric Blade Sharpener allows you 10 quickly rcuorc pcecakxi sharp cdjes to yen* plmcr and joinur knives up bo 16" wide. A maliuni-gril Jtpm*M watcmoDc roiaua iJowly m a jravky-fod bath for safe wort: on your edge tool*.

The exclusive User's Guide which we include with each sharpener we sdl tells you whai the mix.'»instroctkm manual leaves out, providing the key to accurate sharpening.

Our optional Highland Jig (tbc*f& in use i&ffccto) allows the 9820-2 to grind and hone chisels and plane irons (up to 2- l/2~ wide) to a straight sharp bevd wuhout worrying about heating the edge. Carving tools, turning tools, knives A scissors can easily be worked with the tool rest removed for full »cress to the stone.

And our optional coarse 120 grit Green siboone-evbide sharpening wheel grinds ou nicks i^dfosharpem carbide buves. Ore accessories.

Affordable New Delta Precision Scrollsaw Lets You Change Blades in a Flash

Experience the pleasure of scrolkuctmg without the aggravation of fidgety, laborious blade installation! This Delta saw's design and engineering match the best on the market, but the exclusive Delta Quickset9 blade tensioning and installation system is even better. You can loosen a Made. insert it through your workpiece. reinstall it in the holder and reset the tension in less than IS scoonds.

Model 40-560's 2-speed operation allows standard scrolling or slower cuts for delicate fretwork and cutting in metals. Sawdust Mower and eiccHenl hold down are built in. For starting out txy our economical 62-Made assortment mchxlmg a dozen each of S popular sizes plus 2 extra-heavy blades for thick stock. Optional sted stand provides a stout compact work station. Backed by two-year Delta warranty. Af\ CCA *<<nn AC Optional Stand $69.95

40-560 $199.95 BMt Assortment $19.95

Orttef Toll Fre« 24 hours 800-241-6748

FREE 112-pago Tool Catalog

To receive yours.

Carl Toll Free (800) 241-6748

Or sand <Mdt money order, or chargt card rnrrbw & tip daw akoog with yojr name and aâtota lrKà#de aNppktg ehargee aa loBows:

r four oröar K>Qii Up ID S30.00 Add \x siopo^: $3.00 130 01 ■> SAO 00 I4.00

cw soc co $aoo

Guarantee «an 4am you s rot i**stacvry. return It potttQ* prsoavd ■rtfiio 30 days arid (ha purchase phce wM be rt^jfxtod

1045 K H^hUod Ave. Otpt A1S Allants, OA 30306 (404)872-4466

1045 K H^hUod Ave. Otpt A1S Allants, OA 30306 (404)872-4466


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