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I. If necessary, glue up wide stock for the legs and seat. Plane, rip, and cut the parts to the sizes shown in the Bill of Materials.

2. Lay out and cut the shape of the legs, as shown in the End View. Sand the sawed edges.

3. Miter the ends of the rails at 60°, as shown in the Front View.

6. Finish sand the parts of the bench and dry assemble them to check the fit of the joints. Reassemble the parts with glue and Hat head wood screws. Counterbore and countersink the screws, then cover their heads with putty.

7. Do any necessary touch-up sanding and apply a finish to the completed project.

4. Cut three 7/a-in. wide. 2-in. long notches in the bottom edge of the rail, and cut matching notches in the top ends of the legs, where the seat attaches, as shown in the Rail-to-Leg Joinery Detail.

5. Rout or cut beads in the front face of the backrest, near the edges, as shown in the Backrest Profile.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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