Wooden strip rides in dog-hole slot

Cut slot with dado head, then rout recess for bench-dog head.

A word about wood movement. The laminates on my bench top are oriented so the growth rings are vertical. This means that my top will expand and contract more in thickness than in width. Because of this orientation. I simply lag-screwed the top to the base and lag screwed the end cap in place. If the grain orientation on your top is different, you should cut slotted holes for the lag screws in the rails and end cap so the top's free to expand and contract in width.

Once everything is together, plane the dog-hole strips and the vise jaws flat with the top. A hand scraper and a belt sander come in handy for spots where the plane would tear out.

I never did get around to turning the fancy handle 1 planned for the end vise. The one in the photo is a 1 -in. dia. dowel with (are you ready for this?) rubber crutch tips on the ends. AW editor Bob Moran suggested the idea. It may not be art, but it sure does work well. A

David Sloan is editor of AMERICAN WOODWORKER.

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