Workshops Of David T Smith

The workshops of David T. Smith are a unique business, perhaps the only one like it in America. The craftsmen and craftswomen at the Workshops make reproductions of historic furniture, pottery, ironware and other household items that were used bvour pioneer ancestors during the 18th and 19th centuries—what we now call American countrv artifacts.

David T. Smith is the founder, chief designer, and driving force behind the Workshops. He began building furniture in the 1960s, which led to a part-time business repairing and restoring antiques. As he gained more experience, he experimented with finishing techniques until he could match the old finishes perfectly. He also devised methods of treating new hardware to make it look old and worn. He became so adept that his customers couldn't tell what part of an antique was original and what had been replaced.

As the demand for David's furniture grew, he became a full-time cabinetmaker. He hired additional craftsmen and expanded his interests into antique red ware, pottery, ironware and other household artifacts. Today the Workshops employ almost three dozen people. Together these folks have gained a countrywide reputation for highly accurate reproductions of early American artifacts.—N.E.

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