Laser Unit And Control

a handy convenience. The four machines have 1/3-hp, 1/2-hp, 3/4-hp and 1-hp motors, respectively. The three smaller machines have an adjustable work light, so you can see where you're boring. Left-handed woodworkers will appreciate the quill handle on the 15-in. machine: It can he used on either side.

Source Craftsman, (300) 349-4358, 12-in. drill press, #21911. $190. Tffcl. drill press, #22900, $320. 17-in. drill press, #22901, S446. 20-in drill press, #22902, $600

Complete Router Package

What first impressed me when 1 opened the Trit router package was the kiL's completeness Everything you need is there, including dust collection, fence and template guides. Add the fact that this plunge-based router is one of the few that are easy to adjust in a router table, and this is quite a kit.

The Triton MOFOOIKC router, $200. has an unusual design that takes a little getting used to, but the controls work well. Above- and below-thc-base dust collection is included. Both ports connect to a 1-1/2-in. hose and work well at grabbing dust.

An oversize baseplate comes with the kit. This works great as an outrigger to prevent the router from tipping. It also accepts the included fence assembly. The baseplate also acts as a circle-cutting jig.

The Triton MOFOOIKC has a 2-1/4-hp, lS-amp motor with variable speed of 8,000 to 20,000 rpm and a soft start. The hole in the base is 3-in. diameter so won't accept some of the larger panel-raising bits,

In addition to the router, the kit includes both 1 /2-in. and 1/4-in. collets and seven guide bushings. It will also accept Porter-Cable-style guide bushings.

With the router hanging in a table and the rack and pinion disengaged, you can use the included table winder handle to move the motor up and down. This requires drilling a 1/2-in. hole in your router table. It's recommended that you reach under the table and lock the motor in place before running the router. The collet can be brought up through the table for bit changes. The spindle automatically locks in this position, and the on-off switch is locked out, (You should still unplug your router for bit changes.)

Source Triton Manufacturing, (888) 874-8661, Triton MOFOOl KC router, $200,

Drill Press with Lasers

If you're in die market for a drill press with the latest dual-laser guides, Craftsman has you covered. Its four new 12-in,, 15-in., 17-in. and 20-in. models include some other cool features as well. Prices range from $190 for the 12-in. benchtop machine to $600 for the 20-in. machine. The laser guide operates like die drill-press laser unit described on page 24; it casts two tines on your work so the intersection always indicates the center.

The 12-in., 15-in. and 17-in. models have keyless chucks,

Baby Sander Packs a Punch

Don't be fooled by its size: Grizzly's new 12-in. Baby Drum Sander may fit on your benchtop, but it's not a portable tool. It weighs 199 pounds, so it needs a sturdy home. The Baby is powered by a 1-1/2-hp, 18-amp motor and really hogs off wood, especially with an aggressive abrasive 011 the head. A second motor drives its conveyor belt. The conveyor speed can be varied from 0 to 15 feet per minute. Grizzly recommends a 25-amp circuiL for this tool. It cannot be rewired for 220 volts.

At $425, this Baby is a labor-saving tool that delivers good performance without contracting your wallet Loo much. (OK, I may have overworked the "baby" angle there.) Kidding aside, this is a tool that's worth a look, unless you really enjoy sanding with portable sanders.

The sanding drum uses hook-and-Ioop sandpaper. A 50-ft. roll of abrasive, $30, contains eight applications of sandpaper. Although the hook-and-loop attachment does a good job of grabbing the paper, you must also tape the ends to keep them from coming loose. This step is a bit of a pain, compared to prepping other drum sanders with mechanical binders, but the system works.

Grizzly recommends a dust collector that provides at least 400 cfrn at the machine. I was surprised to see a 2-1/2-in. dust port on top of the sander, instead of a 4-in, but equally surprised at how good dust collection was on this machine. The Baby comes almost completely assembled. Maximum

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