Woodsmith Project Supplies offers hardware kits and supplies for some of the projects shown in this issue. Supplies for these projects are also available at your local hardware store or through one of the mail order catalogs listed below.


A complete hardware kit for the walnut cabinet, shown on page 6, is currently available. This kit includes all the woodscrewsyou will need, plus the following:

• (2 pair) 2Vi>"-long Brass Ball-tipped Hinges

• (2) Brass Ball Catches •(2) 1" Brass Knobs •(4) Brass Spoon-style Shelf Supports

W101-7101-100 Walnut Cabinet Hardware Kit... $39.95 This or similar hardware is also available from the woodworking catalogs listed in the mail order sources below.

FINISH. To finish the cabinet, I wiped on two coats of General Finishes' Royal Finish, (a wipe-on oil/urethane finish). Woodsmith Project Supplies is currently offering this finish. W101-4003-602 Royal Finish (Satin) $11.95 quart

General Finishes and other oil finishes are also available at lo-


To order a project kit from Woodsmith Project Supplies, use our Toll-Free order line. It's open Monday through Friday, from 7 AM to 7 PM Central Time.

Before calling, please have your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card ready.

Ifyou would like to mail an order in, call the number below for more information on shipping charges and any applicable sales tax.


Note: Prices subject to change after December, 1995

hardware stores or through the mail order sources below.


To build the lamp table on page 18, the only hardware you'll need are four figure-8 fasteners and eight #8 x Vz" flathead woodscrews. This hardware may be available at your local hardware store. Or you can order it from the catalogs listed below.


To finish the top of the lamp table, I applied a couple coats of General Finishes' Royal Finish, see above. But the base of the table was spray painted.

SANDING supplies. To apply a painted finish, you need some automotive glazing, spot putty (I used Bondo), and a plastic applicator (which can simply be an old credit card). Also, you'll need some wet/dry sandpaper (220-grit and 400-grit) and a spray bottle.

PAINTING SUPPLIES. For the primer and paint, I used Kry-lon's lacquer-based paint, available at local hardware stores. (Note: If the can doesn't say if it's lacquer-based, check the directions. You can recoat lacquer-based paint immediately.) The only other thing you'll need is an acrylic clear coat. I used a satin clear coat, that's also made by Krylon.

Besides the supplies listed, there are a few additional items you'll find helpful.

SAFETY ITEMS. When spray painting, you'll want to use a respirator, see the catalogs below for sources. And to provide a backdrop to catch the overspray, hang a sheet of plastic behind the project.

SPRAY HANDLE. Another item I found at the hardware store was a handle with a trigger that attaches to the spray can, see the photo on page 22. This attachment costs about $2, and it allows you to spray the paint without getting finger cramps.

LAZY SUSAN. And finally, you might want to invest in a lazy susan turntable, see page 22. All that's needed are two pieces of plywood and a lazy susan swivel. I've seen the swivel at local hardware stores, or you can order one from the catalogs listed below. It sure beats walking circles around a project.


DRY LUBRICANTS. You probably won't be able to find Kity Speed, TopCote, or Boeshield T-9 at a local hardware store (see page 28). But they're available from the catalogs below.

ABRASIVE PADS. The abrasive pads, mentioned on page 28, are becoming more common. If you can't find them at a hard-


Similar hardware and supplies may be found in the following catalogs. Please call each companyfor a catalog or information.

Garrett Wade


Ci finishes, TopCote,

Abrasive pads, Drill guide




Respirators, Lazy susan, TopCote, . Abrasive pads, Drill guide

Woodworker's Supply 800-645-9292

Cabinet hardware, Oil finishes, Figure 8 fasteners, Respirators, Lazy susan, TopCote, Boeshield T-9, Abrasive pads, Drill guide, Spade bits



Cabinet hardware, finishes, Respirators, Lazy susan, Abrasive pads, Drill guide, Spade bits Woodworker's Hardware 800-383-0130

Respirators, Lazy susan, TopCote, Abrasive pads

The Woodworkers' Store


Cabinet hardware, finishes, Figure-8 fasteners, Lazy susan, Kity Speed, TopCote, Abrasive pads ware store, you can order them from the catalogs listed below.

HAND DRILL GUIDE. I've used a hand drill guide in the past. In fact, we've had one in our shop for years. But in order to use it, the chuck has to be removed from the drill. (Unless you can "dedicate" an extra drill to stay with the guide.)

Recently, I ran across a drill guide, made by General, that's a definite improvement over the older one. Ifs similar to the old one. But it includes a chuck, so you don't have to take your drill apart. Simply mount the bit into the chuck and then mount your drill to the guide.

Another nice feature allows you to drill angled holes easily. There's a "built-in" scale, so you don't have to guess at the angle. Also, two plastic knobs make it easy to lockand unlockthe base.

SPURRED SPADE bits. When drilling holes through a thick bench top, I use a spade bit. But notjust any spade bit. I use a bit with two small spurs located at the outer edges. To produce a cleaner cut, these spurs score the perimeter of the hole. For sources, check your local hardware store or see below.


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