To complete the table, all that's left is to build the top (C). The top of this table is a glued-up panel that's cut 16" square, see Fig. 8. Once it was cut to size, I relieved the edges by routing a Vi6"chamfer around the top and bottom, see Fig. 8a.

The top should be centered on the base. An easy way to do this is to first mark centerlines on the outside ofthe aprons (B) and the bottom face of the top (C), see Fig. 9. Next, lay the top face down and set the base on it so the grain on the top runs perpen dicular with the aprons that have the figure-8 fasteners. Then line up the centerlines and screw the two together.

Note: Ifyou're planning to paint the base of this lamp table, like I did, remove the top from the base before you begin. □

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