Call or write lor our 16-page color catalog

Call or write lor our 16-page color catalog

Wood Lathe XL40-2

Introductory price... $259.95

Includes FREE 8 piece Wood Chisel Set.. SM Value

New model includes many great new features...

• Standard accessories include:

Live tailstock center. Meter. Toolrest. 6* Faceplate,8 pc chsel set. spur eerier

• Cast construction for smooth turning

• Turnino sizes: 40" Centers, 16" Swing lor bcftl turning

• Drill chuck attaches to tailstock for drilling or boring

Lathe Accessories

XL40 Lathe Stand

Heavy duty, brings Lathe lo 40* working height. Size: 28*H X 56*L X21-W. W125U».

ItemfLST $44.00 IIPSS6)

1/2" Drill Chuck High quaky 12* x 20tp> sized to fit XL40-2taisîock tor drilling. Item #1 DC — $20.00 (•)

3 Jaw Chuck

Self centering • holds work from 5/16* to 4* outside • Up to 6* ins*de • 8bs

• Many thread sizes available

4 Jaw Chuck

4 Indépendant jaws hold odd shaped work up to 6* OD • 6 Lbs

• Many thread sizes available

Perm State Industries -a

2850 Comly Road • Phila, Pa 19154

Order Toll Free 1 -800-288-7297

Visa, Master, & Discover Card accepted Pa reveres add 6N. Sak* t» When ordering - Add $20 UPS Shipping Charges c«a.c no m on pwoouct- irrtmn« c*«o

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