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I spotted this gadget at a woodworking trade show about three years back. The inventor was demonstrating, and I stopped to watch. I was so impressed with the versatility of the Multi-Stop that I walked away with two of them. I've used them ever since.

The Multi-Stop works like a little vise with a cam-action lever that closes and opens the jaws. You clamp it to a machine fence or table (up to l3/< in. thick) to serve as a stop for making multiple cuts. It also works well for limiting the travel of routers and all sorts of other machine operations that call for a stop. The "vise" body itself can be used as a stop, or you can insert '/4-in. dia. stop rods (included) in four different positions to extend its capacity.

I use mine mostly on my radial-arm saw fence and on the fence of my tablesaw cutoff box for cutting multiple parts to the same length. Occasionally, I use it as a hold-down on the tablesaw rip fence. When making stop cuts on my tablesaw or router table, I clamp two Multi-Stops to the fence or the table to start and stop the cut. I've also used the Multi-Stop as a little vise for holding work on the drill press. It can do several other things I just haven't tried yet.

The Multi-Stop is a winner in my book and gets my vote for the best all-around woodworking gadget.

Price: $32.00. Available from most mail-order catalogs, and woodworking stores. Information only from: TIMESAVER TOOLS, Deer Run Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773, (617)259-0240.

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A couple of years ago, I succumbed to an ad for a Magna Set—a magnetic device that would enable me (so the ad promised) to "set jointer knives in 10 minutes." I got out my wallet.

The Magna Set made my day. It's stone simple (as are so many clever inventions) and virtually idiot-proof. Two strong bar magnets lock onto the jointer's outfeed table and extend over the cutterhead. Alignment marks on the magnets let you line up the knives with the top of the cutterhead arc. The magnets hold the knives at exactly the right height while you tighten the gib screws. Easy.

I still cuss a bit when I nick one of my knives, but with the Magna Set, I don't dread changing them the way I used to.

Price: $49.95. Available from most mail-order catalogs and woodworkin? stores, or from: UNIQUEST CORPORATION, 585 W. 3900 S., Suite 6, Murray. UT 84123, (801)265-1400.

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