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Delta Radial Drill Press

The new Delta benchtop Model 11-090 Radial Drill Press delivers versatile drilling capabilities affordable to the small-shop woodworker. It has a tilting drilling head for drilling angled holes and for horizontal boring as well as straight drilling. A movable arm expands the capacity to allow drilling to the center of a 32-in. circle. The head also swivels 360° around the column for working on or off the table. It has five spindle speeds (580 rpm to 3450 rpm), a Vi -in. chuck and '¿-HP motor. The standard cast-iron table can be enlarged with the addition of an accessorv 23 '¿-in. x 15 '¿-in. table. (Price $399) ■ Delta International Machinery Corp., Dept. AWT, 246 Alpha Dr., Pittsburgh. PA 15238, (800) 438-2486.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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