Giluom Manufacturing

Dtpf. AW12 P.O. Box 1018 Si. Charies, MO «302 Phone pi 4)724-1812


"Roll Top" OAK DESK

from pre-cut first quality kit h;

>i crc'i the turn-of'the cen-tury "Roll-Top"" you've alwavs wanted A full si/e oak desk, your* now at extraordinary savings because ) ou build it) uuisclf from pre-cut kit parts No FREE Full C<H0f special tools needed. When catatog you finished, you'll possess a * trte facts magnificent showpiecc for your home or office — worth at least twice what you pay for the kit! Send for details without obligation

Please send my free Craftsman's Corner color

I catalog featuring the Classic Roll Top Desk and |

many other top quality hardwood kit». I under- j

| stand I have no obligation |

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, CRAFTSMAN'S CORNER I ! l)epc. AB • 4012 N E 14th St • Box AP


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