Filially Sawin' My Own

Re: Backyard Lumbermaking {AW, #21): Bob Moran did a terrific job outlining the many options that exist for the burgeoning sawyer. It was just what I needed to prompt me to go out and finally purchase the Rip Saw bv Better Built Corp.

Eric Ottum Falmouth, ME

Nix on Positive-Pressure Ventilation

Positive-pressure ventilation as explained by Steve Long (Tech Tips. AW, #23) can move a larger volume of air but the exhaust opening(s) would have to be relatively large to allow the high-volume/low-pressure flow of air to be exhausted. This larger volume of air is not a benefit of positive pressure but of the "cone of air." A negative-pressure setup would move just as much air. The reliability of either method, however, would be in question as even a moderate breeze could reverse or at least impede the flow of air and toxic or explosive fumes.

What's worse with positive pressure is that "pressure and fumes" will not only escape out of the opening you want them to, but also through every opening in the room. You don't want to expose your family, especially young children and pets, to these dangerous fumes. Unless your shop is airtight or not attached to your home, do not use positive pressure.

If you don't have an explosion-proof exhaust fan, as commercial shops should, do all work with flammable substances outdoors. To exhaust toxic fumes and dust, use an exhaust fan with sufficient rating to keep your work area safe. Don't rely on the "cone of air" to increase the capacity of an undersized fan. Even negative pressure can be dangerous, as it can cause the How of chimney gases to reverse, filling your shop with carbon monoxide, smoke and other toxic substances. Don't forget to open some windows.

Tosy Crlz Carteret, \TJ

Dealers Do it Better

I am writing regarding your article "Buying Tools by Mail" in your October issue (AW, #23).

Your article leads one to the conclusion that you can always save big bucks buying bv mail, which is patently untrue. Misleading also is the insinuation that it doesn't matter with whom you deal, just so you shop for the best price.

Let's take the example you use. the

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Please note revised dimensions for the Hanging Corner Cup board (AW. #22,1.




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Lay out and cut top. bottom and shelves to same size.

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