Make One or a

Dozen With Production Jigs

his little stool is patterned after an old-time farm milking stool but at a smaller size to make it convenient for a child to sit on. Because it's portable, your kids can plunk it in front of the TV or pull it up to a little desk. Yet, its built ruggedly enough to come in handy for all sorts of uses around the house.

The stool is simple to make and takes a minimum of material. You may want to make several of the stools at one time as I do. The three shop-built jigs shown here make the construction easy, whether you're making one stool or a dozen.

I made the seats from white ash and the legs from red elm, although you could choose any strong hardwood for these parts. The tapered, lathe-turned legs arc fastened to the seat by a wedged mortise-and-tenon joint. The legs splay out at a 10° angle, so drilling the mortise holes for the legs correctly is tricky.

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