Templates For The Recipe

Ixouter templates make quick work of the mortises and the divider slots on these recipe boxes, and that makes these boxes ideal as production projects. These two templates are designed to be used with a template-guide hushing. Rout the slots in the templates to match the diameter of your routers template-guide bushing.

The mortising template is used to rout the mortises in the box sides. The key to the accuracy of this template is that you must always place it against the inside surface of the Ik)x side you 're routing. Once you've done this, insert the fence in the groove on the underside of the template. Position the template by first pushing the fence firmly up against the edge of the box side and then by aligning the bottom edge of the template with the bottom edge of the box side. Clamp the assembly in this position with a backup board underneath as the drawirg shows, then rout the mortises. Youll need to Hip the mortising template over once (moving the fence to the opposite side) to rout the mortises on the other edge of the box side. Do each box side in this manner.

Be sure you make the template large enough to support the router throughout its travel and long enough to pi-event the router from bumping the clamps that hold it to the workpiece.

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